How it works

Memsys generator-combined desalination system in Gulhi island, Maldives

More than 70% of the planet is covered by water. But most of it is saline; only 0.7% is fresh water. The usual approach to produce clean water from saline water is desalination. However, most desalination methods are energy-intensive. This is particularly relevant in remote locations, where energy is a precious resource. Furthermore, in small islands most small-scale desalination plants usually fail after a few months operation. This is due to the high maintenance needed and failures due to power interruptions.

Memsys has developed a novel approach to desalination in a robust and sustainable way. Our membrane distillation systems can run off-grid on freely available energy. The technology is powered by low-grade heat, so they are ideal in combination with waste heat from diesel generators or renewable energy sources (e.g. Solar). This is particularly relevant in remote locations where energy is expensive and/or a sustainable solution is required.