About us

Pioneering thermal separation process based on membrane distillation

memsys® GmbH is a technology company headquartered in Germany, with an office in Singapore. The company provides a highly efficient solution for thermal separation of a broad range of process waters. The memsys solution is based on its unique vacuum multi effect membrane distillation (V-MEMD) modules, which deliver a highly efficient thermal process for thermal separations in a modular concept. The memsys modules consist of flat sheet membranes combined with an innovative plate and frame design made of Poly Propylene.

The thermal process, the design and construction of these modules are protected by a number of worldwide patents. memsys has also invested in a state of the art automated production facility, able to produce membrane distillation modules based on the memsys process to highest quality standards with the largest production facility worldwide for standardized modules for membrane distillation.

Benefits of memsys® V-MEMD

  • Cost effective configuration of application adapted modules from standardized sub-components
  • 24 Patents including applications of V-MEMD technology, in sum 174 worldwide property rights
  • Sophisticated storage concept for produced blocks for individual module configuration from standardized subunits
  • Large pilot fleet for application qualifying (proof of concept)

Customer benefits in respective applications

  • Highly purified water: single cascade process
  • Sugar solution concentration: energy efficiency using mid temperature heat
  • Highly saline and corrosive process waters: cost effective and corrosion resistant material